Client Testimonials

"I have suffered with OCD for the last 20 years! It has been so debilitating and tiring. I’ve tried Counselling and cognitive therapy with no luck. I was taking a long time to leave the house and took photos on my phone of taps, straighteners, oven, candles and the garage door. I had a lot of anxiety linked to the checking. Kerry’s hypnotherapy has helped me so much. I felt relaxed and comfortable in all the sessions. Kerry’s got such a lovely voice that it really helped me to relax. It was so good for me to switch off and not talk during the actual session. I really thought hypnotherapy was some out of body experience. After only two sessions I stopped taking photos and seem to detach the emotion linked to the checking - didn’t worry about checking candles anymore. We worked on using an anchor in the sessions and that really helped me too. I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy- it’s so powerful and has really helped me to trust and believe in myself again. Thank you so much Kerry! Keep doing what you’re doing! You are amazing xxx "

"I have been drinking approx. 2 litres or 8 cans of coke o cola or Dr Pepper a day since the age of 14 and now I’m 42. I craved it and would go out at 11 o clock at night to get more. Since my session with Kerry, I have not touched a drop and it has been nearly 4 months. The best part about it is I am not denying myself as I no longer have the craving. The felt fully in control in the session and knew exactly what was happening but I just felt relaxed and receptive. For aversion therapy, I couldn’t recommend this highly enough"

"Thank you so much Kerry. The hypnotherapy sessions were so relaxing and my anxiety levels have fallen dramatically since we started. You have such a calm, friendly approach and I really appreciate all of the help and advice you gave me. I definitely wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to my friends and family"

" I was getting anxious yesterday when we left the house in a bit of a rush and I did use the technique from the last session. It made me feel instantly calm. Thank you so much for all your help - you've changed my life for the better"

"I would like to say a massive thanks for stopping my nail biting. I honestly can't believe that after a life time of nibbling I have stopped! For anyone who is thinking about going for hypnotherapy whatever the reason, I can't recommend Kerry enough"

"I went to Kerry as I was was having some anger issues which was detrimental to my family life and marriage. I wasn’t violent but felt I was easily angered and thought that hypnotherapy was something I could try. I didn’t know what to expect but after consultation to outline my problems I felt more at ease with what it entailed and what to expect. I found my first session very relaxing and at ease and that’s down to Kerry and her friendliness and professionalism. By my second session we created something called an anchor which was explained beforehand. Now my anchor can instantly calm me and is doing just as it should. Without Kerry and hypnosis I dread to think what situation I and my family would be in. Kerry understands her field and is extremely good at her job and think she enjoys helping others.”

" After just one session I am sleeping so much better. You really helped me to learn how to relax and drift off to sleep. Thank you Kerry, I definitely recommend hypnotherapy.

"This was my first experience with hypnotherapy. I know our mind is a powerful thing if worked properly. I had no idea how powerful it was until I reflect on the hypnotherapy sessions I had with Kerry. I had session for weight loss & comfort eating. I felt very relaxed & able to talk openly to Kerry about my triggers for bad habits. Kerry gave me ‘tools’ to help me change my habits, these worked well & quickly. Kerry would give me explanations of how these worked gaining my confidence to use these to reach my desired goal. Kerry was most supportive when I had wobbles & brought me back on track again very quickly. Over the sessions I become more consciously aware of my actions & noting that previous bad trends were reducing. I felt more positive & gained confidence within myself. My journey was not easy, but is a continuous lifestyle change. Changing my habits has continued with the aid of the tools given to me through all the hypnotherapy sessions. My favourite being an anchor. It is very evident that she cares deeply for the individual journey a client takes with her hypnotherapy sessions."

"After suffering from acute stress and anxiety for most of my adult life, I sought help through hypnotherapy with Kerry. I could not believe the immediate relief I felt after just one session. What a difference this has made to me, I feel like I have my life back again."

"I have always had a severe fear of needles and was very apprehensive with having hypnotherapy as I didn’t think it would work for me. Wow was i wrong!! Kerry was very professional yet put me at ease. She was very thorough with my consultation and answered any questions that i had. At my first session all my misconceptions went straight out the window. After each session i had with Kerry i left feeling extremely relaxed and uplifted. A month after my session i had to go for an injection, I remember thinking to myself why am I so calm. At the hospital I used my anchor that Kerry had taught me whilst they gave me the injection and I couldn't believe it but it worked!! If like me you are not sure if this is the right route for you i would 100% recommend you speak to Kerry. I just wish i had done t his sooner. I will definitely be going back to work on my other fears that i have."