Client Testimonials

"After trying pretty much every sort of therapy, I consulted Kerry for my many years of insomnia. Little did I know how many other issues would also be unearthed, treated and fixed... Kerry is perceptive, gentle, proactive and enthusiastic. After just 8 sessions, I am unrecognisably calmer, happier, sleeping soundly and don't need any further treatment. Thank you , Kerry, you are amazing at what you do. "

"I can’t put into words how thankful I am for everything Kerry has done for me. I went to visit Kerry after being recommended by a friend because I was suffering with anxiety and previous issues that I was battling in my day to day life and I felt like I had really lost myself and my confidence. 8 weeks later and I hardly recognise myself, mentally I’ve felt the best I have ever felt. Not only has it improved things for me but the people around me, my business and my friends. I can’t thank Kerry enough and will forever be grateful for what she has done for me."

"You literally popped into my head, and then I saw the email. I was thinking about telling you how a lot of things have shifted this last week. I went to visit my parents last night, left this morning, a little tired, but a different space in my head it was during the visit. This last weekend I did two days of motocross which is unlike me. Yes I was sore on Monday but shoulders seem to be much much better and I feel they just need strengthening physically now. The Monday after our session, which was last week, I kid you not. I had four job offers on the table, talk about a shift in financial opportunity so I said yes to all four, my anxiety didn’t spike and I seem to have taken a lot of things in my stride or a stride that is very new to me so I’m very happy about this. I will certainly give you a review I have had a great experience  With your hypnotherapy sessions and I am glad I did it. I think I had to be ready to and so I was. It has been a pleasure working with you, and definitely the right person for me, especially understanding my wacky side."

"I started having a sessions with Kerry a few months ago due to a lack of self confidence. Now, after 4 sessions I feel so much better. I don't find myself overthinking anywhere near as much as I used too and I just feel so much happier and in control of my emotions and feelings. Thank you Kerry for all your help, I really do appreciate it so much!"

"I am so impressed with Mrs Kerry Good and her skilled hypnotherapy practices. After many lengthy years of various strategies including exposure therapy, cbt, counselling, private phobia support that have all made minimal, if any progress, we noticed more after just one session for our daughter and her emetophobia struggles. (Severe phobia of sickness.) Each session with Kerry was calming and guided with nurture and professional dedication to role and our daughter felt at ease and willing to try. After a course of 6 sessions I can say that it most certainly has made a significant and noticeable difference to her phobia and life and we are very happy with the support Kerry has provided. A 5 star rating doesn't come close to how happy we are with this angel's services. Thank you so very much X"

"I found Kerrys Hypnotherapy practice on line and after reading her reviews decided to contact her. She always replied in a timely and professional manner and put me at ease with the process and confidentiality etc. During my first session she listened patiently, asking questions where needed, but didn’t push or lead me and let me speak at my own pace and about the issues I wanted to discuss. We then moved on to the weekly sessions which were both varied and beneficial, I saw a marked difference in myself after each session, and always felt calm and relaxed and without pressure during the sessions. Kerry was always friendly and professional and calmly guided me through the various process’s with ease. I found her to be a great listener, very compassionate and understanding and genuinely great at what she does. I am genuinely a different person as a direct result of our sessions, and as such wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kerry to friends and family for any issues they needed help to work through."

"I worked with Kerry to build confidence and overcome limiting beliefs in order to pass some professional exams. I found the sessions extremely useful and achieved the desired results. I will be working with her again in the future. Would highly recommend"

"Kerry was recommended to me by a friend after struggling with what I thought was anxiety about relationships. Kerry was so warm and welcoming and I immediately felt at ease. Upon discussing the problems I was having Kerry felt that it was more of a self esteem issue and she was totally right. I had 4 sessions with Kerry and after each one I noticed a gradual shift in my mindset and self confidence. Each week I felt like I was leaving those feelings of not being good enough and rejection behind. Now I feel much more confident within myself and those old feelings that I was struggling with, sometimes daily, seem to have vanished! Thank you so much Kerry for everything. I highly recommend giving hypnotherapy with Kerry a go. The changes are subtle but instant!"

"I went to see Kerry last year, because from around the age of 3, I've fainted with pain and  when I see blood. I was sceptical that hypnotherapy would help, as I seemed to faint so often and nothing I tried would work. I had 4 sessions and each one was great. It was then a matter of time to see if it had worked ... A few  months ago I had an operation, I had a cannula in for 24 hours, something previously I'd not been able to cope with, and had stitches removed, all without fainting! Then tonight, I fell over whilst out running in the dark. I went down with a right thud, took all of the skin off my hands and really hurt myself.  I stayed down on the floor, telling myself I was fine (as practiced in the sessions) and low and behold, I didn't faint! My hands were bleeding, and I was shaken, but I got myself up and walked home! I'm cured!!! Thank you so much Kerry. You don't know how much this means to me!"

"I originally sought Kerry's help for weight loss but after our first consultation Kerry thought it would be more helpful to work on my self-esteem first. I've really enjoyed my sessions, Kerry is amazing at what she does and I can say that I feel more content than I have done for a long time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kerry to anyone."

"Life changing - I approached Kerry regarding a fear of flying that was limiting my life by stopping me taking opportunities to travel and ruining the overseas holidays that I did take. In 4 sessions I have been able to rationalise and overcome this fear and enjoy travelling again. Kerry was professional, kind and patient throughout my sessions and on top of them helping with my phobia they made me feel calmer and much more confident. I would recommend Kerry to anyone that is having their freedom limited by a phobia or who just wants to find some peace in their life. Thank you Kerry."

"Realised at the weekend that I have lost the weight of my bruiser of a 2 year old, and the thought of carrying him around with me everywhere is mental. Thanks so much for your efforts. It really is properly life changing and I'm super grateful"

"I’m doing very well and being so much more responsible, aware and measured in what I consume. I’m not always thinking of my next drink which was happening and I’m not reaching to my glass because of habit. I’m very pleased how things have gone so far. I’m sipping also instead of gulping and savouring the wine - hence I’m buying less but better stuff! Thank you very much Kerry for helping me. It’s also nice to know I’ve found someone I feel positive about to help me when needed!

"Just thought I'd let you know that today I had my first dance competition since our sessions and it was amazing. I was able to remain calm, poised and I thoroughly enjoyed the dancing and experience - no anxiety at all. The whole experience was wonderful; so different to the last one in June. Thank you for all your help, you really have changed my life."

"Walking into my first session with trepidation and an almost sceptical mindset, within seconds Kerry put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. I have lost a stone within four weeks and sessions have been pivotal to these results. Thank you Kerry and I look forward to our ongoing journey."

" Kerry quite literally changed my life, when I met her I was so anxious, it was affecting my every day life, time with my daughter, my sleep and was stopping me from doing things. I felt weak and small. After my sessions I felt complete calmness. I now feel happy and strong and positive in my own body and head. I was sceptical before starting hypnotherapy but I am truly shocked by it's results. Kerry made me feel so at ease and I actually miss seeing her at my sessions. If you are thinking about doing it for any reason - I would say go for it! I can't recommend Kerry enough. Thank you so much Kerry. "

" My experience of hypnotherapy has brought many positive changes to my life.  All my life (I'm 59), I have believed I wasn't good enough. My head dominated by negative thoughts.  I desperately wanted to make changes; to believe in myself  and to finally feel comfortable with 'me.'   

I have to say I was a sceptic, hypnosis was a last resort and the thought of opening up to a stranger was extremely daunting.  But  I couldn't 'mend me' by myself and as I had a sporting challenge which I wanted to succeed in, I gave it a go.

From the start I liked Kerry; I felt very comfortable with her and I trusted her.  Always professional , she was warm and caring and a wonderful listener.  She was able to pin point where my anxiety stemmed from and she 'fixed me.'  I did have to face a few demons but they have now gone and I feel free of the the things which were holding me back .  My confidence has improved and having battled for many years, with an inner voice telling me I wasn't good enough, that voice has now been silenced.  I can't recommend Kerry enough.  The changes have made me happier, calmer and excited for the future.  As for my sporting challenge, I am now confident enough to take it on and happy knowing that my best is good enough. Thank you Kerry!"

"Kerry was recommended to me by a nurse at my local doctors surgery as I had a phobia around having my blood pressure taken. At our first session Kerry told me I did have a phobia but it was totally treatable. She explained what would happen over the coming weeks and reassured me throughout our time that I was safe and gave me the tools to use when I had to have my BP taken. I went from not even being able to tolerate seeing the machine to being able to have a bp taken in a matter of weeks. I visited Kerry again to work on some anxieties I had and again was given the tools to help me manage my emotions in these situations. I would highly recommend Kerry. She has the most calming and soothing voice and is a beautiful soul wishing to help others. Her treatment room is a very tranquil place where you will feel relaxed  instantly." 

"I found Kerry after searching Hypnotherapy in my area, after reading the reviews I chose Kerry as she had the most positive comment. My reason for seeking hypnotherapy, was due to anxiety as a passenger in any vehicle, which was made much worse after my partner and I bought a motorhome. On one trip I had a major panic attack.  At the first consultation Kerry quickly established that this was in fact a phobia. Over the following 4 sessions Kerry ensured I was comfortable, when travelling by using a anchor. She then took me back, via regression, to the source of the phobia. Once identified Kerry changed my perception on the incident and then reinforced all the positive feeling I now have as a passenger. I highly recommend Kerry as a Hypnotherapist, so much so that I will be going back to Kerry shortly to change my relationship with food and aim to lose weight. Many thanks Kerry, you have changed my life"

"I feel you have helped me get through a really hard part of my life. I feel so much more positive and different in myself. I've slept better than I have in years. I'm stress free and able to do day to day things I stopped doing due to stress and losing my confidence. I'm finally at peace with myself.  I feel that the sessions have 100% helped me get my strength back. Thank you so much, you will never know how much you have helped me and saved me xx"

"I had my first session today for stress release, after feeling stressed for so long, I can't believe the difference after one session, I feel like I'm grinning from ear to ear and feel on top of the world. Thank you so much Kerry you are amazing xxx"

"When I look back to when I first started my sessions, I honestly cannot believe the difference! We have worked through so much together and I am so grateful. Kerry has given me so many coping strategies for when I’m feeling anxious particularly the anchor and I am able to ground myself and stop my thoughts from escalating. Our work around self belief and confidence has been amazing and I am starting to see a huge difference in how I think about myself. I am more aware of my negative thoughts and am able to just let them pass rather than focus on them. Kerry took the time to understand my thoughts and feelings. Our work together has made me realise how powerful my mind is and that I am capable of resisting my negative thoughts. Thank you so much for helping me change my perspective on things it really has been an amazing experience!"

"When I meet Kerry for the first time I had lost my confidence & the ability to stand up for myself. I was so grateful to have met Kerry to help me manage my negative thoughts, paranoia, anxiety and lack of confidence.  I previously had been battling with since a young girl and then impacting me not only at home but also at work… I never thought it was possible.  After trying other therapies this is by far the most effective for me. Kerry is so friendly and welcoming, I will be forever thankful for everything Kerry has helped me overcome. I would highly recommend her service to anyone as my life has changed so much"

"I feel since we started I have grown in confidence  and feel although I have not lost a huge amount of weight so far I feel that I am more compassionate to myself and more accepting of who I am.  I notice that I walk taller and am more assertive than before I started. I can watch myself on video and see myself on a photo and not cringe like before. I'm looking forward to losing more weight and believe more in myself than before. Thanks for all your hard work and kindness"

"A positive experience which has changed my life,  in a short amount of time. I can now experience heights in everyday life with little to no fear :)"

"I have suffered with OCD for the last 20 years! It has been so debilitating and tiring. I’ve tried Counselling and cognitive therapy with no luck. I was taking a long time to leave the house and took photos on my phone of taps, straighteners, oven, candles and the garage door. I had a lot of anxiety linked to the checking. Kerry’s hypnotherapy has helped me so much. I felt relaxed and comfortable in all the sessions. Kerry’s got such a lovely voice that it really helped me to relax. It was so good for me to switch off and not talk during the actual session. I really thought hypnotherapy was some out of body experience. After only two sessions I stopped taking photos and seem to detach the emotion linked to the checking - didn’t worry about checking candles anymore. We worked on using an anchor in the sessions and that really helped me too. I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy- it’s so powerful and has really helped me to trust and believe in myself again. Thank you so much Kerry! Keep doing what you’re doing! You are amazing xxx "

"I have been drinking approx. 2 litres or 8 cans of coke o cola or Dr Pepper a day since the age of 14 and now I’m 42.  I craved it and would go out at 11 o clock at night to get more.  Since my session with Kerry, I have not touched a drop and it has been nearly 4 months.  The best part about it is I am not denying myself as I no longer have the craving.  The felt fully in control in the session and knew exactly what was happening but I just felt relaxed and receptive. For aversion therapy, I couldn’t recommend this highly enough"

"Thank you so much Kerry. The hypnotherapy sessions were so relaxing and my anxiety levels have fallen dramatically since we started. You have such a calm, friendly approach and I really appreciate all of the help and advice you gave me. I definitely wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to my friends and family"

" I was getting anxious yesterday when we left the house in a bit of a rush and I did use the technique from the last session. It made me feel instantly calm. Thank you so much for all your help - you've changed my life for the better"

"I would like to say a massive thanks for stopping my nail biting. I honestly can't believe that after a life time of nibbling I have stopped! For anyone who is thinking about going for hypnotherapy whatever the reason, I can't recommend Kerry enough"

"I went to Kerry as I was was having some anger issues which was detrimental to my family life and marriage. I wasn’t violent but felt I was easily angered and thought that hypnotherapy was something I could try. I didn’t know what to expect but after consultation to outline my problems I felt more at ease with what it entailed and what to expect. I found my first session very relaxing and at ease and that’s down to Kerry and her friendliness and professionalism. By my second session we created something called an anchor which was explained beforehand. Now my anchor can instantly calm me and is doing just as it should. Without Kerry and hypnosis I dread to think what situation I and my family would be in. Kerry understands her field and is extremely good at her job and think she enjoys helping others.”

" After just one session I am sleeping so much better. You really helped me to learn how to relax and drift off to sleep. Thank you Kerry, I definitely recommend hypnotherapy. 

 "This was my first experience with hypnotherapy. I know our mind is a powerful thing if worked properly.  I had no idea how powerful it was until I reflect on the hypnotherapy sessions I had with Kerry. I had session for weight loss & comfort eating. I felt very relaxed & able to talk openly to Kerry about my triggers for bad habits. Kerry gave me ‘tools’ to help me change my habits, these worked well & quickly. Kerry would give me explanations of how these worked gaining my confidence to use these to reach my desired goal. Kerry was most supportive when I had wobbles & brought me back on track again very quickly. Over the sessions I become more consciously aware of my actions & noting that previous bad trends were reducing. I felt more positive & gained confidence within myself.  My journey was not easy, but is a continuous lifestyle change. Changing my habits has continued with the aid of the tools given to me through all the hypnotherapy sessions. My favourite being an anchor.  It is very evident that she cares deeply for the individual journey a client takes with her hypnotherapy sessions.

"After suffering from acute stress and anxiety for most of my adult life, I sought help through hypnotherapy with Kerry. I could not believe the immediate relief I felt after just one session. What a difference this has made to me, I feel like I have my life back again." 

"I have always had a severe fear of needles and was very apprehensive with having hypnotherapy as I didn’t think it would work for me. Wow was i wrong!! Kerry was very professional yet put me at ease.  She was very thorough with my consultation and answered any questions that i had.   At my first session all my misconceptions went straight out the window. After each session i had with Kerry i left feeling extremely relaxed and uplifted.  A month after my session i had to go for an injection, I remember thinking to myself why am I so calm. At the hospital I used my anchor that Kerry had taught me whilst they gave me the injection and I couldn't believe it but it worked!! If like me you are not sure if this is the right route for you i would 100% recommend you speak to Kerry. I just wish i had done t his sooner. I will definitely be going back to work on my other fears that i have."